Yeah, so we all know the old dis­cus­sions about when a food was first invented and how crazy that per­son must have been to try eat­ing it. Cheese, eggs, tofu, Fruity Peb­bles. But what about yeasted bread? There are so many steps! Prep­ping the yeast, let­ting the dough rise, cook­ing the dough at the right tem­per­a­ture. Would have some­one really thought that a bub­bling, arguably con­t­a­m­i­nated wheat paste would be some­thing to try? RISKY! At least we ben­e­fit from the stu­pid­ity of ages past.

Ok, Ok, so I know you’re going to argue that they prob­a­bly had beer before they had yeasted bread, so they knew that fer­men­ta­tion and its related com­po­nents, even acci­den­tally, could pro­vide culi­nary mir­a­cles. They prob­a­bly thought they might get alco­holic toast. NICE! ACCEPTABLE RISK.