We all know the story. Lancelot was a great and moral knight. The most moral knight around. He actu­ally started that whole thing about throw­ing one’s jacket over a pud­dle so the lit­tle old lady doesn’t get her toes wet. He basi­cally invented chivalry.

But of course, the greater the saint, the big­ger the fall. Lancelot totally cheated on his wife, Snow White (or was it Cin­derella?), with King Artie’s wife Guin­e­vere. It was a whole big thing and it made a lot of peo­ple really upset.

The above pNote illus­trates the story using alle­gor­i­cal fig­ures. Lancelot was really a Labrador retriever. He was loyal and sweet but ulti­mately a self-centered jerk who could only think about food and “going on walks” as we del­i­cately put it when the kid­dies are around.

Guin­e­vere, who had it good by being the wife of the king, couldn’t help but be so beau­ti­ful that she intox­i­cated that dog Lancelot like a frosty mug of beer. And so the beer was strapped to the stake as pun­ish­ment for this trans­gres­sion, and the rest is legend.

Is this mak­ing sense? Because I’m totally fol­low­ing along here.