Unlike Cap­tain Adven­ture Man (see my pNote from May 31st), Super Spi­der was a child­hood char­ac­ter all my own. He was dreamed up dur­ing ado­les­cence along with a whole posse of super ani­mals. Super Dog and Super Cat were the first and cer­tainly least orig­i­nal of my super ani­mals. But Super Spi­der was my favorite. I enjoyed his ver­sa­til­ity. In most cir­cum­stances he could be drawn with extreme ease, basi­cally a snow­man with two golf ball eyes and six thin lines rep­re­sent­ing legs and two lines rep­re­sent­ing arms.

The basis of this pNote comes from the fact that one of Super Spider’s pow­ers was the abil­ity to morph between a plain human-like head to a multi-eyed spi­der head with optional insect jaws. It came in use­ful from time to time, although his unbreak­able “silk” was prob­a­bly more practical.