I know it’s not Sun­day and this post should be made on a Sun­day. Well, for­get it! This is a Sat­ur­day post!

I have been telling the story that when I went to Sun­day School for a very few times as a young kid I got yelled at when I col­ored Jesus in unnat­ural col­ors. I sud­denly real­ized  yes­ter­day that maybe I con­fused an actual expe­ri­ence I had in Kinder­garten with a sim­i­lar story I heard from some­one else’s Sun­day School expe­ri­ence. Either way I did get yelled at by some­one once for using unre­al­is­tic col­ors for a scene. I don’t know if it was at Sun­day School or Kinder­garten. I don’t know if it was even Jesus.

I did go to Sun­day School, very briefly, and I prob­a­bly was just being anti-social, or maybe I felt it was too inane. Even as a tyke I had a way of know­ing if some­thing was an adult con­struct that was in no way applic­a­ble to me. Either way, isn’t Jesus so much more bea-u-ti-fuller when he’s all the col­ors of the rain­bow? Lookin’ pos­i­tively mes­sianic, dude.