Super­heroes are curi­ously spe­cific, most of the time. Only a hand­ful seem to spe­cial­ize in being awe­some in every­thing. The sin­gle most obvi­ous exam­ple is Super­man. He’s invin­ci­ble, has vir­tu­ally no limit on his strength, can fly, can shoot heat beams from his eyes, can hear any­thing, smell any­thing, exhale hurricane-strength winds that are icy cold but doesn’t actu­ally need to breathe air to sur­vive, and can move faster than, well, a speed­ing bul­let. BOOORING. Why don’t we just call him Stuff Man?

There is stuff that needs doing,” said the mayor of Stufftown.

Why, I can han­dle that,” said Stuff Man.

It’s quite a lot of stuff.”

No prob­lem. If stuff is involved, then I’m your man.”

But it is stuff that is made of nuclear waste.”

So long as it can be char­ac­ter­ized as nuclear stuff, then it’s no issue,” Stuff Man gen­tly assured.

You are amaz­ing, Stuff Man. Are you going to fin­ish that stuff?” [points to Stuff Man’s burrito]

Yes. I need all the stuff I can get.”