Of course, Rothko is syn­ony­mous with big color field paint­ings that make most of us yawn and some of us cry. The peo­ple that cry in front of Rothkos are the same ones that would get high drink­ing grape Kool-Aid. But I’m not going to get into that, and I don’t want to be mis­un­der­stood. I appre­ci­ate Rothko but I don’t like him.  Because of this, my opin­ion is that if Rothko decided to, mid-stream, paint a bunch of large por­traits I’m not sure they would look much dif­fer­ent. The mod­els would prob­a­bly also get a mix­ture of feel­ings look­ing at the fin­ished results.

I like how you smoothed out my com­plex­ion, but the fact you made me brown and blue and made me wider than tall is not very flattering.”