I noticed that I often rest my arm on top of my head. I don’t do this in pub­lic a lot, but it has been known to hap­pen. It is not a hair-friendly pos­ture. If I don’t keep it cut on the short side I look like I’ve been beat up in a park­ing lot. At least, the hair looks like it was.

I also run my fin­gers through my hair when I’m con­cen­trated or stressed out in such a man­ner as to make my hair stand on end as if I was stand­ing next to a giant source of sta­tic elec­tric­ity. Which is unfor­tu­nate, because when my hair is mussed up I can’t think. Not lit­er­ally, of course, but I’m so dis­tracted by the tou­sled mess that I can’t eke out a ratio­nal thought any­where else. Does this hap­pen to other peo­ple or am I the only one that has such sen­tient hair?