Apolo­gies for the UNANNOUNCED hia­tus. I had a week that knocked me out, and I am back, for­ever an’ ever with gig­gles for every­body, just like the Karate Kid. I mean Kung Fu Kid.

Have you ever watched a movie where the char­ac­ter who plays some qual­ity poker describes his genius eye for tells and all the tells he points out are fairly obvi­ous? Of course you have. It’s always amus­ing but these kinds of movie tells could go on and on and it’s like shoot­ing bun­nies in a bar­rel for the screen­writ­ers. “See the guy who just broke out in hives? He’s going to go all in and he’s bet­ting on the river” or “That dude over there they call ‘The Mummy’ because he always wears a mil­lion lay­ers of cloth­ing to cover up his tells. Too bad he can’t quit his habit of cross­ing his fin­gers after every bluff.”