The sun. What can I say about our near­est and dear­est star?




What­ever. It’s just a big nuke. Still, it has spawned quite a lot of fan­tas­ti­cal car­toons, right? The Kellogg’s Raisin Bran sun is the least of it. Prac­ti­cally every kid’s col­or­ing place­mat in fam­ily restau­rants has a sun wear­ing sun­glasses on it. The “sun wear­ing sun­glasses” becomes such a cliche, that by the time you’re 13 you almost start to for­get the sun doesn’t actu­ally wear sunglasses.

Maybe the sun­glasses aren’t for the car­toon sun in the first place. The sun almost cer­tainly doesn’t have to worry about look­ing at itself and burn­ing its eyes out, since there are, as we all know, no mir­rors in space. The glasses are prob­a­bly for the ben­e­fit of the green fields. And the leafy trees. And the fluffy sheep. And all the nature the sun looks over in col­or­ing books. With­out the glasses, too much light and heat would hit Earth’s sur­face and roast all of that nature to a crisp. And then you’d have noth­ing to color. Except maybe with Burnt Sienna. Ugh. Did I seri­ously make that joke?

Any­way, so, remem­ber. If you draw a happy go-lucky sun glow­ing over a coun­try land­scape, give him some shades. For our sake.