This was a real bit of spam I got for a web­site I built. And it really was spam, I swear. The person’s name was writ­ten in Russ­ian char­ac­ters and the email address was equally sus­pi­cious. Even so, the mean spir­ited cen­ter of this mes­sage sur­rounded by such kind­ness struck me as being, er, very human.

The best bit of spam I’ve ever received reads like this, though:

Eat­ing, lov­ing, singing and digest­ing are, in actu­al­ity, the four acts of the mirth­ful opera known as fresh­ness, and they pass like bub­bles through of a grit of cham­pagne. Who­ever lets them break with­out hav­ing enjoyed them is an entire fool.”

If we could some­how under­stand that, this world might be a bet­ter place.