I wouldn’t call myself an afi­cionado of Godzilla or really any mon­ster flicks. I saw King Kong, but only Peter Jackson’s bloated ver­sion, and mostly only out of fan­boy­how­dy­ness left­over from LoTR. I did see a mon­ster insect film on MST3K which was fun, but it’s not like I have this burn­ing desire to watch bad stop motion pup­pets break each other on the TV. I already do that in my head most of the time anyway.

That said. Godzilla doesn’t seem like the sort of being that makes a habit of destroy­ing cities. Pre­sum­ably Tokyo is the first city that Godzilla had ever seen. There’s noth­ing there that sug­gests her first reac­tion would be to knock it down, espe­cially after it starts hurt­ing her. Maybe Godzilla is actu­ally a under­wa­ter species that wears con­tact lenses and, upon stum­bling about on a land-based safari, has lost her lens. She prob­a­bly STILL hasn’t seen Tokyo. She’s the vic­tim here. It’s not her fault that Tokyo is just an ant hill she’s crush­ing while she fum­bles about.

Bad luck run­ning into King Kong, though. He’s a piece of work.