Why did Lit­tle Miss Muf­fet sit on that tuffet any­way? Well, there weren’t any good chairs around, for one.

It might also be pointed out that all she had to eat was curds and whey, which indi­cates that she couldn’t fig­ure out how to make cheese all the way. What kind of curds was she eat­ing? I will assume it was of the “farmer’s cheese” vari­ety, which is fairly salty. We can fur­ther sur­mise that this dish would have made her thirsty. Because she was an impa­tient lit­tle brat who was too lazy to fin­ish mak­ing her cheese, we can also assume she was too lazy to shoul­der buck­ets of water from the creek to her house. This explains why her only sit­ting option was on a lit­tle mound of grass (the so-called tuffet).

You’d think that the sur­pris­ing aspect of this tale is that it was a spi­der rather than a horde of ants that crept up on her. No, the sur­pris­ing part is that this is the part of the story that every­one focuses on. After she freaked out, she spilled her curds and whey into the creek. And that is how Miss Muf­fet invented pol­lu­tion. At least she is known for some­thing.