When I was a kid my dad would say “It’s just ketchup,” when­ever there was some indi­ca­tion of gore on TV. Maybe at first this con­soled us that what we were watch­ing was a staged ver­sion of real­ity, but by a cer­tain age I real­ized that this was a state­ment to pre­vent him­self from being too grossed out.

Admit­tedly they do some pretty good stuff with ketchup. And that’s the thing, I also found out that they pretty much never use ketchup. Choco­late sauce or stage blood usu­ally. I don’t really know what they use on Bones. Their spe­cial effects geeks are really messed up. I would hate to have a prac­ti­cal joke played on me by one of those guys.

An adage to live by: Good ketchup must never be spilled.