So it would kind of suck if James Bond made a mis­take and actu­ally got per­ma­nently injured for once. I sup­pose it sounds crass to say that per­ma­nent injury only “kind of” sucks, how­ever I only hold so much pity for fic­tional heroes.

If Bond lost his hand, the first tragedy would be the loss of his Omega watch spon­sor­ship. MGM would hate that. Also, he would have a remark­ably hard time dri­ving his Aston Mar­tin through Venice with a hook for a hand.

One quan­tum of solace for Bond though: He will still be able to enjoy the major­ity of his vices. Which, come to men­tion it, always seemed like big­ger prob­lems than hand-loss. He’s been poi­soned via mar­tini, and he’s been nearly killed by his lady inter­ests on count­less occa­sions. He has never had a prob­lem with hav­ing only one hand avail­able. It’s all he needs to take out his enemies.