The infi­nite worlds the­ory posits that there are an infi­nite num­ber of uni­verses par­al­lel to our own. Appar­ently they can coex­ist with ours because they don’t inter­act with our uni­verse, and space is only a con­struct that exists within our uni­verse. I don’t claim to under­stand it, but one thought exper­i­ment you can carry out with this the­ory is that if there are infi­nite other worlds then there is another world with an earth iden­ti­cal to our own, with peo­ple on it iden­ti­cal to us. Being an infi­nite num­ber of these worlds, there could also be infi­nite vari­a­tions on our lives. For exam­ple, a ver­sion of me is out there that spits on the side­walk and drinks cheap malt out of a brown bag.

Any­way, the point is: if there are infi­nite worlds, with infi­nite vari­a­tions on worlds like our own, then there MUST exist a world that has bridges that go only halfway across rivers. WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THAT.