Let’s take a minute to med­i­tate about mod­ern med­i­cine and its crappy pain med­ica­tions. We can move moun­tains, build machines that can make tril­lions of cal­cu­la­tions every minute, we can send remote con­trolled cars to Mars, and we can even take genetic code from a starfish and put it into a tomato. But yet, what can’t we do? Make med­i­cine that directly tar­gets a pain source with­out incur­ring a huge hos­pi­tal bill. If I got hit by an arrow I want to kill the pain where it hurts. Namely, where the arrow­head is destroy­ing my body. Instead the painkiller just numbs me all over. What. We have guided mis­siles that can hit a tar­get 2000 miles away but when it comes to our bod­ies all we have are fire­bombs. If I got hit by a dozen arrows and become a nest­ing ground for the endan­gered breaded crest­feather, maybe then I’ll go for the stu­pid pain med­ica­tion. I say we boy­cott big pharma until they iPhone our meds. “Yeah, we have a pill for that.”