I’m sure peo­ple have men­tioned this before but it’s worth men­tion­ing again. Face­book has no native out­let for hatred. You can like stuff. You can like every­thing up the wazoo. But if you hate some­thing, like, for exam­ple, Far­mville, the best you can do is post a sta­tus update that says some­thing like, “I would like to give a gift to all my Far­mville friends. It is a deadly blight that will turn all of your plants into ash and your ani­mals into skeletons.”

But if you could click a lit­tle thumbs down “Hate it” but­ton under a post then you are done, you can move on, you don’t have to bot­tle the emo­tion any­more. This is dif­fer­ent from all of that hat­ing that goes on in forums all over the inter­net. Those are anony­mous, and all that does is empower a-holery. But when it says “Luke Rolka Hates It,” there is no doubt, no ambi­gu­ity. Luke Rolka Hates It and that is all.