I recently watched Clash of the Titans at one of the $3.00 ticket pub the­aters in town. I would have been pissed if I spent $13 to watch this in 3D but for three bucks in 2D this was enjoy­able in its  dis­gust­ingly shal­low way.

At first, I won­dered why I was enjoy­ing a film that takes no regard for accu­racy in the “retelling” of some Greek myths. I under­stand for the sake of a “blockbuster-style” action flick that the story might be hodge­podged together from var­i­ous Greek sto­ries to increase the fre­quency and dura­tion of action sequences and min­i­mize on all of that character-building crap. I expected that.


The fact that they man­u­fac­tured vir­tu­ally every aspect of the story anew was instead almost insult­ing. The film­mak­ers exhib­ited astound­ing ded­i­ca­tion towards squeez­ing out every last drop of qual­ity dia­logue or plot cohe­sive­ness until all that remained was a shiny, ster­ile husk that only vaguely resem­bled its sub­ject matter.

Even the big bad in the film was instead a mon­ster bor­rowed from Nordic myth. I guess they felt like the Greek sea mon­sters like Scylla or Charyb­dis weren’t quite big enough to take on a coastal city (in 3D). Maybe they just couldn’t pro­nounce “Charybdis.”

No mat­ter what you think about the movie, it has become clear that Sam Wor­thing­ton, the lead actor in this movie (and Avatar) is the first thes­pian in some time to rival Keanu Reeves in emo­tional range. Incredible!