One of my favorite art videos ever made is by William Weg­man, extolling the virtues of a can of aerosol body deodor­ant. Yes, the Weg­man who is known for end­lessly pho­tograph­ing his Weimaran­ers in strange posi­tions. That sounds really bad, but they’re actu­ally his dogs.

Any­way. In this old black and white video he emp­ties an entire can of deodor­ant into his armpit, all the while talk­ing about how awe­some it is. It’s a great lit­tle art piece, or com­edy skit, depend­ing on how you look at it. Either way, the char­ac­ter doing this com­mer­cial par­ody seems sort of mon­strous. I imag­ine the aerosol in that quan­tity could change a man, a lot like radioac­tive spi­der venom does in Spi­der­man. So what if a mon­ster sprayed him­self with canned whip cream? Would it turn him into a human? It would be like the oppo­site of “I was a Teenage Were­wolf”. Think: “I was a Teenage Human Shortly After I Acci­den­tally Got Whipped”.

Maybe the title is a lit­tle long. But I don’t come up with that stuff. I just come up with the ideas, man.