Myco­pro­tein is, for the unini­ti­ated, basi­cally mush­room meat. Var­i­ous food sci­en­tists have come together to make for us a pretty good sim­u­la­tion of chicken flesh, in tex­ture if not in fla­vor. Back in the days where I made great efforts to avoid meat of any kind, this stuff proved good enough to stave off my deep­est desires so long as it was breaded and cov­ered in mayonnaise.

But then, one day. That Day, as it became known later, by lead­ing his­to­ri­ans. On That Day, it was time to eat birds. No way around it. Wings, bones, legs, beaks, the whole thing. Crows, pigeons, spar­rows, bald eagles, not to men­tion not a few chick­ens. I basi­cally snapped.

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