The other day I was telling some­one I really want to expe­ri­ence the thrills of snore­bud­ding. I meant snow­board­ing, of course, but snore­bud­ding is fun too. It’s just, well, the equip­ment is pro­hib­i­tively expen­sive. The price gap between a snore­bud out­fit and a snow­board is about the same as a snow­board is to hop­scotch chalk.

If you haven’t been snore­bud­ding before but you can afford rent­ing the wingspan pack and the blow­pipe you should try it. Just make sure you have built up your lung capac­ity first, oth­er­wise you just may well plunge to your untimely death. And no hel­met will save you.