Cap­tain Adven­ture Man is, accord­ing to Google, an online Flash game. I know that this is not exactly true. About 14 years ago, long before the preva­lence of Flash and just after I started high school, I met an indi­vid­ual who cre­ated a comic book spoof called Cap­tain Adven­ture Man star­ring a blind super­hero of the same name and his side­kick Sol­dier Adven­ture Lad. I don’t even really remem­ber the dude’s name. It was Brian, I think. It’s embar­rass­ing, but the most sig­nif­i­cant thing about him at the time was his story and the fact he owned a Nin­tendo 64.  I enjoyed a good spoof. The story, not the gam­ing sys­tem. It didn’t mat­ter though, I only went to his house once. We half­heart­edly col­lab­o­rated try­ing to make a comic ver­sion and it didn’t come to much.

Long story short I ended up mostly lis­ten­ing to a They Might Be Giants album and I pumped out my first and last page of Cap­tain Adven­ture Man comics. The char­ac­ter design has stuck firmly in my mem­ory although my draw­ing skills were pretty mediocre at the time. They’re still not entirely hedged in accu­racy when it comes to anatomy. What­ever, you can’t judge me.