Stick with me here. An expla­na­tion fol­lows. Some pub­lic tran­sit sys­tems employ what might be called a nod to high cul­ture by pub­lish­ing poetry on posters installed in buses and trains. It is called Poetry in Motion, you may have seen it. The thing is, most of this poetry is a lot like the dreck writ­ten by high school stu­dents. It makes you feel as if this is the best soci­ety can do and it brings about waves of depres­sion that might have been avoided if we just stuck Old Spice adver­tise­ments up. Now how’s that for cyn­i­cism. I don’t mean to be. It’s just if we’re going to try and immerse the pub­lic in poetry, they should install ACTUAL POETS on the buses and they can slam out poetry all day long. Hence today’s pNote.