Those Chevron com­mer­cials with the liv­ing talk­ing clay­ma­tion cars kind of creep me out. What if we ever get to the stage tech­no­log­i­cally where we can imbue lit­er­ally any­thing with sen­tience? Sure, there might be laws against mak­ing your Microwave as cere­bral as you, but there are always cra­zies out there who will down­load the soft­ware or install the chip for fun and soon you have a being out there with the mind of Stephen Spiel­berg and the body of a waf­fle iron. And that can’t be humane. So let’s take this one step fur­ther. If we make a few cars of the future with sentient-level equip­ment, will our cars… have rights? Or will we all carry har­poon can­nons designed to total rogue smart cars?