Peo­ple think Ein­stein had big thoughts. Well, he didn’t. He had expan­sive thoughts.  When thoughts make their own space they’re expan­sive. If a thought is just sim­ply so big you can’t con­tain it then it’s simply…big. I had a big thought this morn­ing, in fact. The thought was: “I should buy some cof­fee because I am cold.” I almost never buy a cof­fee before work mainly because I am not a cof­fee addict but mostly because I’m cheap and some­times the caf­feine makes me a lit­tle “rrr” early in the day, which I don’t like. Long story short, I bought a cof­fee, I drank it, and then I was all “rrr” for about two hours.

Yeah yeah, I know that was a TERRIBLE story, right? Well there’s a twist! It wasn’t cof­fee and I’m not cheap! Whoo! No. I did get the cof­fee. But the point is, the thought was so big I went out of my way for it. If only we could always act on our big thoughts. And I feel bad for Ein­stein because I doubt with his expan­sive thoughts he had any big thoughts to fill it. That’s why his hair was so cray-zee. He never had the big thought: “Hey! Let’s go get a haircut!”