I go to the Port­land Art Museum once every cou­ple months. When I do, I often sketch pNote inspi­ra­tions from what­ever catches my eye, be it sculp­ture or paint­ing. This one is from one of those grand land­scape paint­ings from the mid 19th cen­tury that roman­ti­cized the vis­tas of the Amer­i­can west. Bier­stadts were always large can­vases and looked like the scenes before you never actu­ally existed, and they prob­a­bly didn’t. A Bier­stadt land­scape could never but never be pol­luted or dreary. Peo­ple dur­ing his day thought he was kind of a blowhard. The do kind of come across as great big tes­ta­ments to his self-importance. At least they weren’t self-portraits.