I can be really absent minded some­times and this pNote is no excep­tion. This one was almost purely sub­con­scious, and I didn’t even really know I was depict­ing Ben Franklin fly­ing his famous kite-and-lightning exper­i­ment until after it was, er, done.

But that does bring up a good point. Ben­jamin Franklin: Stoopid or Bril­liant? I don’t know. Prob­a­bly both. He could have been the Tiger Woods of his day. High fly­ing sym­bol of our coun­try, ambas­sador, fre­quent king­pin, and lover of the flesh. But there was a dif­fer­ence. He got away with his immoral­ity. Maybe because he acted like it was the most nat­ural thing in the world. It was just how he was.

Per­haps fly­ing a kite in an elec­tri­cal storm was Ben’s way of say­ing “Let god strike me down, you naysay­ers, you haters. If He will.” And God didn’t. And Ben ended up giv­ing us some new sci­en­tific insights at the same time as being a jack­ass. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. It would be cool if Tiger Woods could have been less secre­tive and when peo­ple started carp­ing on him about his affairs that he could have taken his golf club and smashed a tesla coil and proven that sharp kinetic energy applied to the device could be used to make worm­holes to dis­tant galax­ies. And then we’d be sorry we ever said any­thing mean.