It’s sup­pos­edly com­mon knowl­edge that babies learn how to walk. No, no no no. No. No. It’s not that they learn how to walk. They just learn that they have LEGS. The big prob­lem about peo­ple is that they need to under­stand the tool before they can use it. For exam­ple. Let’s say you’ve never seen a power drill before. You wig­gle it. You make it go WHIRRR. Then one day, some­thing occurs to you. “I can make holes with this. I will call it a drill.” And then you test your hypoth­e­sis. And soon you are mak­ing holes every­where. Hope it’s not a rental.

The same goes with your legs. When you’re a baby you even­tu­ally real­ize you have legs and that you can walk upon them like every­one else. The fact that babies tod­dle around is that they don’t real­ize that they’re using their legs at first. They’re just mak­ing them go WHIRR. They’re just try­ing to move. It’s when they real­ize they have legs that they have passed the tod­dler stage.