Some­where, out there, some­one is try­ing to develop an arti­fi­cial blue­berry and keeps get­ting toma­toes. I believe they were orig­i­nally get­ting kiwis but when they dis­cov­ered the kiwis were pretty good as well, they mar­keted them as a new “fruit” and then kept work­ing on tweak­ing their arti­fi­cial blue­berry for­mula. They per­fected the shape and gen­eral skin qual­ity but even still they still have yet to arti­fi­cially pro­duce a tiny sweet blue tomato, which they have deter­mined is all a blue­berry really is.

The remark­able part is that they are not impressed with the fact that they have suc­cess­fully cre­ated an arti­fi­cial tomato.