First, a lit­tle house­keep­ing. pNoted won’t be updated for a cou­ple weeks while I update the web­site. It might be up ear­lier but it will be up before the 25th, in time for some Hal­loween comics. It promises a bet­ter experience.

As for today’s pNote, some anime char­ac­ters have var­i­ous sym­bols that appear ran­domly around them to explain how they are feel­ing or what they are doing. Some com­mon ones: a large sweat droplet stuck to one’s face dur­ing a ner­vous moment, and a bub­ble ooz­ing out of one nos­tril to sym­bol­ize sleep­ing (com­pared with the West­ern “ZZZZZ” or “saw­ing log” graphic). I think they could use some more. Many more. And I am just the one to do that.