Do you ever won­der how peo­ple brake in space? With­out fric­tion or grav­ity I gen­er­ally sup­pose that it would require an oppo­site, match­ing force to the one that got the per­son mov­ing in the first place. What a pain!

So this is the sce­nario that I always con­sider. Let’s say we’ve fig­ured out fuel-efficient way to get us mov­ing to near the speed of light, let’s say 360 mil­lion miles per hour. Once we get to Alpha Cen­turi let’s say we want to chill out on one of its orbit­ing rocks. We obvi­ously we can’t land at 360 mil­lion miles per hour. I sus­pect the result­ing explo­sion would be pretty spec­tac­u­lar if we tried, but no one would be left to watch the pretty col­ors. So this means we would have to slow down with as much fuel as it took to get us to that speed. UGH! So if they used a series of nuclear explo­sions to speed them up they’d have to nuke them­selves sev­eral times to slow down. We’re never going to see other plan­ets, are we?