The bib­li­cal story where Lot’s fam­ily flees Sodom to be spared holy anni­hi­la­tion is mostly inter­est­ing to me because of what hap­pens to Lot’s wife. Look­ing back on Sodom as they leave the city, she is turned into a  pil­lar of salt. This must have really put a damper on their relationship.

The bible doesn’t say what Lot does with the pil­lar of salt. We assume he must have left her there. I sup­pose that over time wind and sand and rain prob­a­bly eroded her away. But what if she was in some kind of shel­tered cove and we find her there? What would she look like? Could we tell which pil­lar of salt was her? The big ques­tion is, of course, was her purse also turned into salt?