I recently read the great comic/graphic series “Y: The Last Man,” which chron­i­cles the life of a young man who finds him­self to be appar­ently the last man alive on Earth after every other male mam­mal falls sud­denly dead. I rec­om­mend it, mainly for the psy­cho­log­i­cal stud­ies it pur­sues in how peo­ple might behave in a world where one gen­der sud­denly kicks the bucket. Sim­i­larly, I ask, how might we act if all other cereal brands dis­ap­pear from the shelves overnight and we find our­selves in the pres­ence of only raisin bran? Would we love it? Wor­ship it?

I would get so god­damn sick of it, let me tell you.