There is a lot of myth-information in his­tory and cer­tainly two of the most com­mon of these include Marie Antoinette’s “Give them cake”  response to hear­ing news of the starv­ing pop­u­lace, and George Washington’s moral­ity tale about con­fess­ing cut­ting down his father’s cherry tree. Nei­ther of these things actu­ally hap­pened but we still men­tion them. Thanks­giv­ing also never really hap­pened, not in any offi­cial capacity.

Also, Pres­i­dent William Howard Taft never existed. Did you see what that guy actu­ally looked like? Wikipedia him. The ONLY story any­body has EVER heard about that alleged United States pres­i­dent is that they had to buy him a spe­cial tub so he could take baths with­out get­ting stuck. Excuse me? Par­don me? This is not a real story. Any­body can see that!