The whole idea of a jackrabbit/antelope hybrid has always struck me as ridicu­lous. I’m seri­ous! If we’re going to dream up weird ani­mal com­bi­na­tions, a JACKALOPE? Really? Which one gets attracted to each other first?



NARRATOR: It’s morn­ing in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. The grass­lands are com­ing alive with the sounds of birds and the ante­lope as they move in search of suc­cu­lent veg­e­ta­tion and a mate. The male flares his nos­trils as he catches the scent of a female in heat. His short tail points erect as a sig­nal of his viril­ity, and he quickly begins work at track­ing down a partner.

Mean­while, a nearby jackrab­bit pulls up some roots for sustenance.

Unusual for this usu­ally skit­tish species, she does not bound off across the Savan­nah as the male ante­lope approaches her in his single-minded search. Even stranger, the male appears to be—er—oh my gosh. Dear LORD!

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