Obvi­ously it would be bet­ter if we could see all of this guy’s ana­lyt­ics but that’s not the point I’m try­ing to make here. We can rank and “opti­mize” web­sites, but when it comes down to it each per­son doesn’t have a web­site, they have them­selves. Online, “our­selves” are our Face­book account, or our Twit­ter account, or maybe MySpace or Live Jour­nal. When peo­ple delete their Face­book account they are telling the inter­net that they DON’T EXIST in a tragic sui-digicide. It’s true. If they remain on Twit­ter a piece of them remains, 140 char­ac­ters at a time. But if some­one has noth­ing but maybe an email account they are basi­cally just a bunch of mol­e­cules fill­ing up space. Wouldn’t you rather be a lot of 1s and 0s all over the world? I pre­fer to be well-traveled.