So when I said I need to purge myself of the urge to draw fat ani­mals, I was seri­ous you know. Yes­ter­day was the fat cat, and now we’ve moved onto the fat pony. We all know that fat ponies are incred­i­bly pop­u­lar. You have seen Kate Beaton’s FAT PONY, I hope. Even though I wasn’t there I heard they brought down the house at Emer­ald City Comic Con. And no won­der. Pudgi­ness and pop­u­lar­ity go hand in hand, I have heard it said.

This fat pony is actu­ally just heavy boned but it’s so hard to tell nowa­days. Note that the hooves are reg­u­lar sized. Appar­ently they can­not become fat. NOW YOU KNOW.