Remem­ber that Fox News story back in ’07 about the kid that hunted down “Hogzilla,” the 1060 pound wild pig? Here’s a reminder:,2933,275524,00.html That story creeps me out. And not just because the pig is so hor­ri­bly big, but because the kid is. We’re sup­posed to believe this fat lit­tle kid ran through the woods for hours and killed the pig with a .50 cal­iber pis­tol. And the kid didn’t die from a pre­ma­ture heart attack.

They say they were going to make between 500 and 700 pounds of sausage out of the pig. That’s over 1 mil­lion calo­ries, if you’re won­der­ing. I sus­pect that the kid doesn’t really need it.

Any­way. If a pig gets really fat his legs invert. This pNote proves it, I suppose.