The final num­ber in the fat ani­mal series. Well, that’s not true. I have an extremely obese rab­bit and one deeply under­fed hippo left but I’ve done rab­bits and the hippo isn’t fat. They can be for other times. Bet­ter times.

An ostrich with­out a neck or legs is really not much of an ostrich.

BASK in the pro­found­ness of that sen­tence. BASK.

My first doo­dle for this was an ostrich that lost its neck and its legs to its puffi­ness. And then I real­ized I just drew a duck. A fat duck per­haps, but not absurdly so. I then drew a ham­burger next to it with some fries and a medium drink to see if that would enhance its fat­ness. I feel like there’s a state­ment there but I don’t know what it is yet. In any case, crit­ics said they wanted a fat ostrich, not an ostrich doo­dle that ended up being a duck doo­dle. Well hey! It’s not like I have con­trol over these things. This is a doo­dle, not a drawing.

I tried again and gave the ostrich legs but no neck. And I removed the combo meal. With the cane it seems to work, but when it comes down to it, maybe this one has been overanalyzed.


Yes, yes it has.